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I love walking into @ULTA_Beauty and seeing that these babies are buy 1 get 1 free! I stock up!! 💁 (


My latest @ULTA_Beauty mini haul. Half of what I wanted was out of stock but at least I got something. (


And kudos to the lady at Ulta when I said half of what I wanted was out of stock she gave me an additional discount on my purchase.

Nancy H.

The real reason my @ULTA_Beauty points are so low is because THEY NEVER HAVE WHAT I WANT IN STOCK AT THE ONE STORE IN TOWN! Cripes

Tanya Burr

Tweet @ULTA_Beauty & tell them they need to stock Tanya Burr Cosmetics using the hashtag #TanyaBurrCosmeticsInUlta - make it trend guys! <3